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How to Approach a Girl & Get Her Phone Number

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How to Approach a Girl & Get Her Phone Number
Meeting new people for friendships and dating is a little scary to most people. Boys especially seem to have a difficult time approaching a girl to get her phone number. They fear getting tongue tied, saying something stupid or even being rejected completely by the girl. If you approach in the right way, the chance of successfully getting the girl's number increases. The secret is all about perspective from the girl’s point of view, letting go of anxiety and being confident.


    • 1
      Visualize already talking with the girl. Take a few moments to see yourself successfully approaching her for a phone number and talking with her. Have a basic idea of how you intend to approach.
    • 2
      Look at her surroundings. What is she doing? Paying attention to the surroundings, what she is holding and her activities will give you clues to possible approaches. For example, if the girl you are interested in is in a store looking at posters, she may be interested in pop culture or art. Thinking of a couple of small-talk topics before approaching prevents drawing a blank once you say hello.
    • 3
      Forget about using a pickup line. Never walk up and say something corny such as, "You must be tired because you have been running through my head all day." Girls usually hate that, and they've heard them all anyway. Approaching like that will get you rejected almost every time.
    • 4
      Approach the girl casually and make a comment. In the case of the poster example scenario, you might say, "Some of these posters are more like works of art. Do you like these colorful ones or the muted designs best?" Apply any comments to the actual situation at hand. The poster situation is only an example.
    • 5
      Listen to what the girl has to say. Use her answer to your initial comment to lead into other comments or questions. Show an interest in her answers and talk more about her perspective in the ongoing conversation. If it seems to be going well, say something like "Oh, by the way my name is..." and tell her your name. At this point, if she is enjoying talking to you she will answer with her own.
    • 6
      Decide at some point, if things are going well, to ask for her actual number. Tell her you've enjoyed talking with her and ask if you can give her a call. Have your cell phone ready or paper and pen to take the number.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How to kiss a girl first time

How to kiss a girl first time

Now we can discuss about a particular subject “Kissing”. How to kiss romantically or passionately? or how to kiss a girl? Actually this question is not at all familiar, because nobody will think more or plan before make out a kiss. Its because of nothing, the fact is it mostly it happens unexpectedly. But you know one thing many things are depended and happens on a cute perfect kiss with your partner or lover. Most cutest way to express your intense love to your lover is kissing. A kiss bond your love and relationship in a perfect strong way. So we must look out in a good way, especially when we do it first time in your romance. We should make it more romantic and natural. Here we can discuss the steps and tips taken before and during making out a kiss with your partner. So get ready to learn more about, how to kiss your lover.

Oral awareness

Mint before french kiss
You should have a good aware of your oral Hygiene before making out a kiss. Always be sure about a fresh breath which makes your kissing awesome. We must always take care of your oral cavity before you make out a kiss, because its the basic thing for a perfect and passionate successful kiss. So lets point out some simple things which you must always follow to make a good kiss. Think that most kissing happens unexpectedly so some of the below are to keep its as a routine. So below is excludes in the term, how to kiss.
    • Don’t smoke before you make a kiss
    • Always drink plenty of watery
    • Take more vegetables and fruits
    • Clean your tongue
Both make use of minted stuffs especially like chewing gum before a kiss, this makes an awesome experience. Note that this is experienced by most of the people and they enjoyed it well.
If you try this once then you can know that how your condition of oral cavity plays a important role in a perfect kiss. If your girl friend use lip balm it will be more sexy.

Make sure for perfection (Occasion and Place)

Perfect kissing place
Some of the people love emotions especially girls than boys. So we must make our kiss, especially first one memorable. Make a perfect place and situation and be alone in that time. This privacy helps to do the kiss very passionately and make it hot and romantic. The main thing is to avoid obstruction during your kissing because you must give a much time for a perfect kiss. If you stopped in the middle it surely makes some mind disturbed for the further days. So please make sure about the privacy, that means the place must be for yours only. Nobody or anything should not interfere between you and your partner. You one thing some of the partners do a kiss in an unsecured place because they will only get such instance to go for a kiss.

So I strongly recommend these peoples that avoid such attempt because you can do only a unsatisfied kiss with your lover. So you must make a perfect atmosphere for your kiss especially for your first one. Make sure that its a place for you two only a place made for your kissing. I recommend a private place in your home r only, and also you must spare at least half an hour for this. So if you are ready with these things, then you can go to the next step.  But thing that, the previous step is the most important one in this article “how to kiss”.

Perfect places for a kiss:-
  • If you are in a school or college the best place is a locker room.
  • Drive your car to a lonely place with your partner and have your first kiss in your car.
  • You can also have a kiss in a car which is parked in a car lot, i think this will give more privacy.
  • You can have kiss in a lift which is closed and not in surveillance of a camera.
  • You can make out a kiss in a moving car if you got a good friend as a driver.
  • If you can get a chance to reach in lake by a boat then it will be a perfect occasion for a kiss.
  • Most of the lovers made their first kiss in an empty class room at evening, so you can also make it.
  • Try it in a roof top at late night, this can be done if you are in a flat.
  • Most of the people say that we can have most romantic kiss on a rain or a vacant beach, so let you try that.

Do it very slowly

Slow kiss
Don’t make it in a hurry. You must give the feel of your kiss, so give much time to enjoy it well. Then only you can reach in the peak of love. A sudden kiss always give you an unsatisfied mood. A kiss is a phenomena of sharing your love to each other. The love flows between each other and makes the level equal and stays in a equilibrium. So this is like a slow chemical reaction. So we must do it very slowly and give much time for it. So first of all you should give a correct position to your partner which gives much comfort to enjoy the moment of kiss by holding the partners shoulder. First give a good eye contact for a while, this is the introduction for what you going to do. Its better than telling that “I am going to kiss you”. After a while you can get a reply from her eye like this “Kiss me”. This is the words from mind. Next is to move closer your lips, as intention to kiss on lips. But give a good interval when you reach closer, let both feel the breath and make it warm by giving to your partner’s skin. You can also hear the beat of heart. After enjoying the rhythm of restless breath of each other then start to move for the touch lips. Notice who wish more for a kiss at this time, that means who make it fast for the next moment. Here you can see your partner closing her eyes gently. Sometimes after this step our subject “how to kiss” will be a easy one for you.

First with lips only

How to kiss on lips
We know about the most popular style of kiss “French kiss”. Most probably this style comes at the end of a passionate kiss.  Actually its an another question, how to kiss in french style? Lets make it another post next time, not in “how to kiss”. Now lets come back, touch the lower lip of your partner with your entire lips like a mild lip lock. Then try to taste it and feel the shape of it by rubbing with yours.This time your hands must hold your partners head by replacing from his shoulders. Give an interval by moving back your lips slowly and give a romantic look to her face and then you can go a while on chin and neck of your partner. Then continue for the next kiss. Enjoy a lot of time with the lips especially with the lower lip. You can also try to have a cute bite on the lower lip. Most of the people will plays only with the lower lip because its very amazing than the upper one. But don’t avoid the upper one completely. You can take in completely her lips and taste it more and more which gives more enjoyment to your partner.

Give chances to partner

Girl kissing boy
Do you know one thing, if your partner makes a good part for a kiss it makes more sexy. It will avoid the search of answer on “how to kiss”. So give a chance to the partner. Don’t bend your head much for the kiss, let her balance in her toes. So for the stability she holds you around your neck and play with your hairs. This makes you more high and your partner will get a common wonderful experience. Your performance on the first steps makes your partner surely a active. Its very interesting and unmemorable experience when your partner do a lot of contributions to make your awesome. Some times she will play with your wings. That part is the most supporting one to the females during a kiss. They also play with your triceps and shoulder. So try to make these muscles stronger.  You can also bend her whole body to the floor holding her strongly. This makes your kiss very strong and she will hug and hold you very tightly. If the girl do this to boy it will be very interesting. I am sure this will be a sexy experience. So this article on “how to kiss” not only for boys, girls also get idea for “how to kiss?”.

Make use of hands more at end

Role of hands while kissing
During the next attempt on how to kiss, you can enjoy more with lips make a hard lip lock with the lips. Which extends to a cute bite. You can also make a tongue to tongue if your partner allows. So make a small attempt before doing it. So you can know whether your partner wants it. If your partner want it you can have a good play at an high extend with both tongues. At this time you can use your hands to make more hot by hugging her tightly and pressing her through out from shoulder to hips and holding her to your body. At the while you can give a strong kiss to her neck, ears, shoulders and her breast. Now you think one thing that this article exceeds the subject “how to kiss”. Finally you will understand it.

Don’t get stopped in any instance

In the beginning I mentioned to avoid every kind of obstruction that can happen. Like that only try to avoid every obstruction that come from your part during kiss. Enjoy each every moment by closing your eyes. Don’t let your mind go anywhere. Concentrate only in your kissing. Make your partner to do so by giving maximum from your part. Now you are reaching to the last part of the subject “how to kiss”.

Give a clam and gradual ending

Cute calm kiss
Don’t give a sudden stop. Make a parabola in the graph for your kiss. After you reaching peak you calm down slowly. So do reverse as you started. But with some difference. You can hug her gently for a long time and with a kiss with affection on forehead and also you can give a kiss on her back of hand. Let her rest on you for more time. Sometimes she wish more for that. So now the explanation on “how to kiss” is over.
You can now go for a kiss with the above knowledge, but I would like explain more about “How to  kiss” which will help you more.

How to kiss in a different experience

Kiss in a beach

Kiss in a beach
One of the absolute places to kiss is a beach. So we must also explain about, how to kiss in beach? The major factors are the wind and the sound of the sea. Have a nice long walk with your partner in the beach. It will be nice to hold his or her hand while walking. All this is for creating a mood. The flowing wind will tempt everyone to kiss when you are in such a mood. The salty wind will make the lips dry. The lips will be always waiting eagerly to get wet. And that is the role the partner should play. It would be nice if you keep our legs in the waves. When it gets wet the nerves will be in freedom scientifically and at this instinct the hand grip is an important factor. And if you are going down in the beach and completely wet, there is no better chance, go ahead such kisses will only make your partner think he or she is safe. And if you are not getting into the water walk freely and sit down in some comfortable places. And go ahead according to the occasion. In a beach the exact time is the time of sunset or the time of sunrise.

Kiss in a rain

Kiss in a rain
It’s something nostalgic. People like to get wet in rain likes memories a lot. Usually more people get wet to remember the past days of doing so. You could make a kiss in the rain and make rain a memorable thing in your life. This is the most adventurous kiss that you could make. Heavy rain is not better for kissing it will be absolute if it’s a slight rain. Rain will make you more romantic and to maintain this thought a kiss is inevitable. If you start kissing under an umbrella and then remove the umbrella when the kiss progresses, surly your partner too will think in the same way as you. While kissing in the rain hugging is also a more important thing. You must hug tight for the complete enjoyment of the kiss. You can take every thing here from the first part “how to kiss”.

Kiss in a car

Kiss in a car
Its a fact that most of the couples have their first kiss in a car. This is because sometimes it gives maximum privacy. So if you get a car, you can go for a drive with your girl friend. You should search a better place to park your car. It should be a normal place which avoids the obstacles. If you made this correctly then you can go forward. Then you should release the seat belt, it will make the body to move freely.  One of the drawback in this is getting attention of her since both are looking forward. So for this first of all you should hold her hand very softly then put your arm around her. At this time you should pull the lever of your seat and you can make out hardly. The most wonderful experience will the drive after the kiss. It will be very romantic. So I think you cleared with, how to kiss in car?

Departing kiss

kiss in train
One of the most valuable and memorizing kiss will be the one u make in the memorable time in the life or u and you partner. Suppose one of you is going some were for some time. Both of you will be upside down mentally. And think of a kiss that you make while bidding good bye. Both of you will cherish the memories every day until you see the next time. That kiss will be coming from your heart and that will be the most memorable one in the life. The place may be railway station, airport any were. Sometimes you will be getting very less time to make a kiss. But no matter, think of the value of such a kiss. According to me the most valued kiss is during the time of departing.

Importance of kissing in love making

importance of kissing in love making
Now we can discuss about the question, how to kiss during sex? Kissing is always special. It doesn’t matters whether the opportunity is more or less. Most of the people think that it’s not that important during a long relaxed session of sex. If you could do anything and everything to the partner in a sex, soon you will think about other matter than kissing. But kissing has an important role to play in sex. All knows that foreplay is the most needed thing for making the duration increased and for making sex interested. Here are certain points describing how kiss leads to sex.
• The most important portion in the body for foreplay is lips.
• You can just move on from lips to cheeks, neck, ear and other portions that make your partner more interested in sex
• You have the freedom to do anything with your hand when you are in a kiss. Such a privilege can be made only from a good loving kiss.
• Make kissing a slow process and during that move your hand through your partner’s body and at last hold the back hair or neck and make the kiss hard .a hard kiss will certainly tempt your partner for sex. But make sure u make a hard kiss only after a slow kiss
• Other important portion in sex is the hips. If you are kissing, keep your hands on your partner’s hip. And drag the hip towards yours ,which will tempt to make the kiss hard and from there to a sex
• Kissing is the best time in sex from where you can get into the next step, say unbuttoning the dress and such things with your hand.
• Kissing with music will be wonderful experience. When a smooth romantic music is played during a kiss, it will increase the mood of sex. This tactics is taken in most of the romantic movies where music plays an important role. Music can drive people in to sex single handily .So surely kissing with the beats of music will drive people crazy.
• In between every activity in a sex a kiss can be done .this will increase the attachment for the next stage of sex.
I hope you are cleared on how to kiss in sensitive areas…………….

Best position for first kiss

Always try different positions in kissing, which is too important to make the kissing wonderful. If you are related to your partner for a long time you should shower him or her with variety styles of  kissing positions. We will discuss some of the exact positions which makes the kiss enjoyable. After reading this, I am sure you will get an idea on how to kiss in different positions?
• Most normal kissing position is in stands facing your partner.
• Usually guys will be taller than the gals .the guy stand still and let the girl rise to guy’s height by being in her fingers of the leg. This is described as the most rejuvenating kiss.
• Kissing would be wonderful if the girl or woman lean backwards and make an arch.
• Another position is when the male is sitting in the chair or bed and the girl standing. At this time power induced in the kiss should be more from the side of lady.
• Kiss the girl from behind, just proceed from neck and then to the lips.This is an awesome position which every girl likes.
• Make the girl sit in your lap and kiss her. In this case you can lift her and stand, if she is handy for you.
• Sit in couch or such cushy areas and kiss your partner just after putting your arms over her.
• Make the girl laid on your lap and then kiss her by lowering your face onto her.This can be experienced in a different way by the boy lying in the lap of the girl
• If you are in a bed the positions will be more easy to execute, the normal position in a bed is the partners lying sideways and kissing. This can be made wonderful if your legs are over your partner.
• Another position in the bed is to make the girl lie on your top. Let her relax in your body and kiss you in a proper way. This method will be successful only if the girl is having a considerable weight compared to the boy.
• The above method can be executed by the boy being in the top this will surely produce the most powerful kiss in the bed.
So I hope you got a lot of idea of art of kissing for your successful first kiss and the rest is your part, so add some from your part also.Don’t feel bad if you are reading this post after your first kiss because this is also applicable for your further one also. Think that chicks are like starting a car in cold. We need to make it warm, so better way to warm them is a passionate kiss. A passionate and romantic kiss leads to a good sex. It makes your relationship strong. Now you and idea of how to kiss hard?
By elaborating this article too much I am sure you have got a perfect answer for 10 questions below:-
  1. How to kiss a girl?
  2. How to kiss passionately?
  3. How to kiss romantically?
  4. How to kiss first time?
  5. How to kiss on lips?
  6. How to kiss creatively?
  7. How to kiss hard?
  8. How to kiss in car?
  9. How to kiss in rain?
  10. How to kiss in beach?

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Girls Phone Numbers

There is a pool of people who are using this power for internet for bad means. Yea, porn websites owners come in this category too but they are not going to harm you unless you don’t visit their websites.
This website, called is even worst – I was shocked to see how they are spreading mobile number of girls. There is a simple submission form on this website… you can enter name and phone number and press submit and this number will get published. I believe this 4 months old website has thousands of such mobile numbers of girls.
I believe (I can be wrong here as well, but) there won’t be more than 1 percent girls in our society who would voluntarily want their numbers to be displayed on such a website. The question is then how come there are thousands of numbers available on this website?

Karachi Local Girl Maira Number

First Name: Maira
Last Name: Laghari
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Address: Karachi
State: Punjab
Country: Pakistan
Email Address:


A girl looking busy while sitting on the chair and using her laptop. The girl’s apparel is elegant and beautiful. she is wearing beige colour cotton suit. The matching nail polish is making her hands more charming. Her lovely dark black hair are giving her a gorgeous look. The picture is magnificent altogether.
Girl Number:03137373116
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Sexting and relationships

Sexting is a result of advances in technology enabling new forms of social interaction. Messages with sexual content have been exchanged over all forms of historical media. Newer technology allows sending pictures, and videos, which are intrinsically more explicit and have greater impact, without the involvement of photo printing personnel, or the need of a photo processing dark room at home (just like when using an instant camera, but even easier and less expensive). Sexting as a phenomenon began primarily through the extensive use of text messaging by young people; in fact, young adults use the medium of the text message much more than any other new media to transmit messages of a sexual nature. Further, text messaging use is related to sexting behaviours; for example, those that send any type of text message were more likely to have received a sexually suggestive image on their cell phone, and those that have unlimited text messaging plans are also more likely to receive sexually suggestive texts.
Despite the negative connotations that often surround sexting, many couples choose to engage in it; 54% of a study sample had sent sexually explicit pictures or videos to their partners at least once, and 1/3 of their sample had engaged in such activities occasionally, showing that sexting is actually quite prevalent in today's modern society. In a 2013, it was found that sexting is often used to enhance the relationship and sexual satisfaction in a romantic partnership. Sexting thus can be considered a "behaviour that ties into sexuality and the subsequent level of relationship satisfaction experienced by both partners".Reportedly, hedonism played a role in motivating sexting, and the length of relationship was negatively correlated with sexting behaviours. The study had a small sample size, so more research needs to be done surrounding sexting and motivation, but it is clear that sexting is a phenomenon that is not constrained to simply unattached individuals looking for fun; it is used by those in intimate relationships to increase feelings of intimacy and closeness one's partner. For teens, sexting can also act as a prelude (or in lieu of) sexual activity, as an experimental phase for those who are yet to be sexually active, and for those who are hoping to start a relationship with someone. In a 2013 study conducted by Drouin et al., it was found that sexting is also associated with attachment styles, as those with attachment avoidance are more likely to engage in sexting behaviours (just as these individuals are also more likely to engage in casual sex). Thus, instead of increasing intimacy in these types of relationships, sexting may act as a buffer for physical intimacy.


A social danger with sexting is that material can be very easily and widely propagated, over which the originator has no control. Research by the Internet Watch Foundation in 2012, estimated that 88% of self-made explicit images are "stolen" from their original upload location (typically social networks) and made available on other websites, in particular porn sites collecting sexual images of children and young people. The report highlighted the risk of severe depression for "sexters" who lose control of their images and videos. The photos can also be used as blackmail, or sent to friends after a nasty breakup (or even while still in the relationship). In a study conducted by Drouin et al. analyzing sexting behaviours among young adults, it was found that men would show the sexually-explicit photos of their girlfriends to their friends. This is a new risk associated with new media, as prior to cell phones and email, it would be difficult to quickly distribute photos to acquaintances; with sexting, one can forward a photo in a matter of seconds.
There are undoubtedly multiple risks when sending or receiving a sext, and these risks are something that often teens do not consider. The University of Utah conducted a study which contained a population sample of 606 teens who ranged from age 14-18. This study stated that about one third of teens did not consider or think of legal or other consequences of receiving or sending sexts. Teenagers may simply text out of curiosity of sexual activity and it may increase as teenagers enter deeper into their teen years which can be problematic.
Mental stability is also compromised when considering the possible long-term results of sexting. With sexts, such as pictures or videos being so accessible, it is inevitable that forms of bullying will occur in some way. Photos that have been solicited to others will undoubtedly put emotional distress on an individual who sent the particular picture or sext. In the same University of Utah study that was stated in the above paragraph, 25% of individuals who received a sext, forwarded it to other individuals.  Emotional vulnerabilities and legal obligations can arise when considering individuals receiving or sending a sext.